May 2013

I am waiting on an estimate for the scope of work I plan from the boatyard.  In the meantime I am stripping the decks in preparation for a complete refurbishment.  I have not yet decided on how to make them non-slip, although I’m thinking of a plastic teak in parts.  I might change my mind and use non-slip paint.

The cockpit hatches all need replacing and whether I put teak slats or a plastic teak finish or just paint them is yet to be decided.


All lines were fed back to the cockpit but I would like winches on the mast. Some lines still need to go back to the cockpit, probably the kicker line and maybe the genoa halyards.

General deck shot

I plan on getting an emergency forestay. The roller reefing looks good I just need new sails. I am toying with getting a blade but am not sure if it should be hanked on the emergency forestay or should be run up the second slot on the roller reefing.

New instruments and electrical rewiring is needed.

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