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28 July 2013

I have now spent a number of Friday’s pottering about on Kornog. I have a pretty good idea of what needs to be done, just waiting on the yard to start.

I plan on doing the re-wire myself, but it has proved very hard to figure out the way to wire up the engine, charging systems etc. The DC distribution looks easy enough. The existing and proposed wiring diagrams are posted below; now isn’t that exiting.

Elec Wire 1 Existing a

Elec Wiring Proposed a

Cycling to work I usually get a tune in my head (earworms?). Here are the last two:-

“If You See Her, Say Hello” – Bob Dylan (from Blood on the Tracks)

“Little Boxes” – No idea which version was in my head – “The most sanctimonious song ever written” Tom Lehrer