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14 October 2013

It has been a slow start to the refurbishment, but work has finally started in earnest and Kornog is being built back up instead of being pulled to pieces. It has become obvious that Kornog was raced quite heavily.Any work done inside was minimal and of poor quality. I have stripped out all the cladding from the forepeak and has sanded it down. It needs varnishing and replacing on new batons. Various bits were thrown in to make it look more attractive to sell. The fridge compressor was put in but was never connected to the electricity. It makes a noise once connected but nothing gets cold. The cooker is new but just thrown in. It is a Techimpex; looking on the internet it doesn’t have much good being said about it.

So, what’s new? The toe rail has been removed and replaced with new teak. This needs to be sanded and varnished next time I am down. had to go direct to the manufacturers to get the thinners for the Bonda Seal I will use to seal the wood. Bondaglass Voss in Beckenham – very helpful.

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The riggers have the mast and have bought all the new bits. I’m promised that work will continue and it should all be finished in time for next season. I have stripped out the slats from the forepeak. Michael was supposed to have earned some holiday money by sanding them down but ended up doing about 2 out of 36. I did the rest myself. Not yet overbudget but I expect it will be by the end if the estimates are correct. Next thing is to buy the electrical stuff, the new instruments, a new fridge compressor and two new main winches.

I have replaced the ignition switch so now my buzzers and warning lights work and she turns over when the start button is pressed.

I bought an LED replacement bulb for the dome lights but it is very slightly too big so I will have to replace all the light fittings, let’s hope that the nav. lights will take LEDs as I would like to keep as much original as possible.



I went off sailing this weekend. Near the end of October and we were sitting outside a pub in Seaview, Isle of Wight. Great sailing, great weather.