Monthly Archives: November 2013

29th November 2013

Visible progress at last.  I put 4 coats of Bonda Seal G4 onto the new toe rail last week and you can see that she will look good when all the varnishing is done.

The pullpit and the repaired pushpit have been replaced.


I have asked for Bardon 32mm T tracks to be fitted to replace the old tracks that were on the toe rails. The inner tracks will stay.  I plan on putting the a travelling cleat on the tracks as a midships cleat.

Kornog has been moved in the shed and now sits next to a contessa, which is very similar but looks a bit slimmer.


You can tell it’s coming up to Christmas.

The engine and sail drive are out, leaving room to put a new rigid water tank into the space below the cockpit, replacing the old flexible bag. I expect to get 140 litres which should be enough but have yet to order it.


You can see here the mountings for the engine and the sail drive, which is now a large round hole. you should be able to see the flexible water bag behind all the pipes.  I’m told that the engine and sail drive are in excellent condition – as new. At least something on the boat is worth keeping.


I also talked to the chap who will fix all the holes in the deck and that work as been approved. The deck will then be sprayed and non-slip paint used, in the same places as it is now.

This eek I shall order the new winches and the water tank.