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December 2013 – 2 Steps Forward, 1 Back

Mostly good news this week.

I took a trip down to Chichester harbour to look at the tenders that the conservancy were auctioning off. Unfortunately I was very late putting the bid in and only bid on one tender, which I failed to get, so I am still without a tender.
Ronan came with me and liked the mud and the swans:-



The conservancy did however give me my mooring, so come April I will have a wet mooring in Emsworth chanel but no way to get to it yet.

A week later I was back. down at the boat. Previously the yard had pointed out that the diesel tank was held in place by the filler pipe only. The plan was to take out the old stainless tank and replace it with a plastic tank fitted on a shelf. The old tank got stuck on the way out and the yard had to cut open the hatch to get it out. The new tank will be 55 litres.


Locker lids are made but need slats and some way to seal them properly when closed.

The water tank is ordered (128 litres). I have bought a calorifier, a fridge kit, two Lewmar Evo 45 winches and an expansion tank for the water system. I took the old flexible water tank out but broke the electric bilge pump while doing it – so a little more expense.

The tracks for the genoa cars have been ordered.

The mast looks good and will be ready when we are, we still have to organise for the sail cover and spray hood to be measured up and made once the mast and sails are on.

Coming cappings are made and temporarily fitted.


Once the tanks are in and the engine replaced it will feel like progress.

Last night I was talking to an old friend who said I would need 600 litres of water and 200 litres diesel as a minimum, plus a water maker. Mind y0u he does have an Ovni 40.