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January 2014

It appeared that the boat was moving forwards until yesterday. The boatyard finally got around to templating the windows and there is a 10 week lead time. This then takes us to the end of April. I am paying mooring fees from the beginning of April and booked Kornog in for the mast and rigging in Early April. So a bit of a bust there.

Meanwhile I have been promised (again) that things will move quickly now and Paul is going to be working on her full time.  Lot’s of things are nearly ready – gas locker needs glassing in, water tank needs finishing, diesel tank (shown on deck in photo needs installing).


Engine is back but needs calorifier and water system needs plumbing.


Cockpit. hole on left for diesel tank and clamps on right holding gas locker in place. The old exhaust fitting is out (fibreglass is at least 1″ thick here above the waterline, which is nice).

Genoa car rails are fitted. I took the coming cappings home and Bondasealed them with Ronan’s help. There was only a minor amount of water damage as a squall came through then it started pouring with rain soon after we had finished but before the sealant had a chance to dry.




This photo was taken before the rails were fitted


Deck is being repaired ready for the paint shop


I have sourced some replacement LEDs for the existing dome lights. Hopefully they will fit on the pads. I also bought two LED strip lights, for the heads and galley. The wiring is hard to get at and incomprehensible. I do need to sort it out as there is a lot of corrosion.


The water tank is in, and since then the engine and sail drive has been refitted