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27th March 2014

A bit of frustration crept in today, Kornog has been in the spray shop for three weeks and has not yet been sprayed.  The sprayer is also frustrated because he wants to get to the boat and start but the yard keep doing little things that really should have been done before – a little disorganised to say the least. The chap who runs the yard, Richard, was a bit shocked to find out that I have had only one invoice for over a year, so I’m expecting a bill very soon.

The good news is that I bought a little rigid tender; just need oars, a launch trolley and an engine now.  Spent £62 on 2 LED lights for the nav. lights. I had to change the water pump. The yard tested the water system last week. It all works apart from the pump which never switches off, it was a new pump and it has been replaced FOC, so hopefully this one will work,.

Talked to Jo who will do my cushions and covers and have swatches to decide the colours. Grey for the spray hood and sail cover, and, probably, sea green for the internal cushions. Late change – Rita likes grey for the cusion covers inside as well, so we will go with that, made by AguaNova and called dove I think – it has a small herringbone pattern.

It does look hopeful though


Kornog in the spray shed


Wooden pad for stern nav. light (no LED bulb will fit so I will stick with the halogen bulb).



Inside is a complete mess


An older picture. The exhaust outlet was enlarged and here is the plug from what should be the thinnest part of the boat.


To get the new diesel tank in the cockpit had to be ripped apart. Should be invisible once sprayed.



You can just see the accumulator and new manual bilge pump. The calorifier is also in the locker.


Ready for the anchor winch. Bow has been glassed over.


Taped up and ready to be sprayed.

Unfortunately some of it has to be un-taped to remove the stanchions. I had thought to re-use them but the aluminium bases are in such bad condition they have to be chucked (they need to be cut off the stanchions first, as the locking bolt is corroded to the base and you can’t get the stanchion out). I will get new Stainless Steel stanchion bases and re-use the old SS stanchions. As long as they fit to the pad ares on the deck (fingers crossed).

I can’t see Kornog being ready for another month. The schedule was for her to be in the water on 1st April. Who’s fooling who?

I’m still looking to do the Round the Island Race. She should be ready by 21st June but there will still be a few things outstanding internally.