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27th June

I took 3 days off work to try and get some things done.

Everything I looked at was broken, so to do this, this and this, means doing this, that and the other.

No GPS (there were two) works, the cooker oven didn’t work, and (HYC issue), the calorifier doesn’t work.


I managed to fix the oven by fitting a new thermocouple. Of course taking the cooker apart is no easy matter and as you try and put the final screw in you drop it into the casing and have to take the whole thing apart again to find it.


The inside is still a mess.

Taking Charles’s advice I am getting a quote from Tim (Dolphin Quay) to do the inside and finish up, I will never manage to do it properly.

Tim came on Friday to look at the boat while the mast was being put on.


Chris Holman and Andrew doing my mast at Chichester Marina. I took the tender from Northney to HYC which took an hour and a half and was lovely. I figured out that you could leave the engine and sit on the thwart in the middle of the boat to keep it level. You can then steer by leaning left or right. The engine stays in the same position and it never missed  a beat.

Left HYC (Mill Rythe) on the high tide and had a fantastic motor to Chichester with the sun shining and the engine throbbing away faultlessly. Made it through the lock on freeflow but had to take the tender off the rear quarter of Kornog and tow it on a long rope through the lock.


Made a big mistake and decided to take the tender back to Northney. 2 1/2 hrs and very cold, although the first and last half hours were very pretty with flat water and the sun out. The middle bit was hopeless, got soaking wet and cold, the sun went away and it was a bit choppy. I caught the end of the tide coming into the Chichester Channel and it was very slow going with a long fetch and a choppy sea.


Once out of Chichester Channel and across the bay it calmed down and the sun came out again.

Cold tired and wet and then a long drive home. Getting there slowly and getting all the bits and pieces that you need to go sailing. Have half arranged (cost permitting) to have Kornog in Tim’s yard for the whole of August, then it will be done, as long as I can do my bits (rewiring and a few bits and pieces).

The tender now lives in Northney and am getting the hang of launching and retrieving her, although I need to make up the necessary bits of rope with the right fittings on the ends to make it easy.

Spent Saturday whipping ropes.


20th June – Floating

Kornog is finally in the water. Only a couple of months late and still lots to do but she floats – upright!

Rita insisted that I have a launch party. In the end only Charles and Alyson came but it was nice to see them.


Before she was moved


Up she goes and out of the shed after a year and a half.


Looking smart


Tides up and in she goes.


Nearly there.




Gently onto end finger of “C” pontoon.


Home for the next week.