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Nearly Done – September 2014

I spent the week on the South Coast, mostly trying to do the wiring. a few bits and bobs are left to do but it all seems to work.

The boat came out of Tim’s shed and here she is early in the week


I put the boom on and rigged her as best I could remember.

The cushions came after 3 days.


I left the plastic on one seat so I could dump stuff there.


Quarter berth all cushioned out


I slept in the forepeak with the slats all replaced and a new facing to the panel up front.


Heads are sorted and working (very interesting)



After fixing and unfixing countless times the instrument panel above the chart table looks good with a new switch panel. The GPS works but I need to fix the VHF in place and put in the stereo.

I sailed her on the Saturday; the winds were light but Kornog sailed nicely and she ended up back on her permanent mooring in Emsworth channel. I have arranged for her to come out for the winter on 7th November, so very little time to sail her. I plan to finish the wiring over-winter.


On her mooring, and again