It All Starts Tomorrow; Definitely, Maybe.

Kornog is now all ready, having worked hard on her all day, so I have no more excuses, apart from the weather. Its gusting up to 28 knots at the Hayling Yatch Co. but is due to calm a bit by high tide tomorrow morning, when I plan on going.

I have 4G data WiFi on board, all the electrics seem to work now and she is mostly cleaned and painted, although the painting could have been better, you live and learn, I’ll probably splash the cash next time (3 years ish) and have her topsides sprayed, I liked the undercoat colour.  Engine is running to charge the batteries as it is now hightide (5 pm).

The name looks good from a distance but I screwed up the appliction of the first half, the wind was bad and the instructions were were also poor, that’s my excuse anyway.  Littlehampton tomorrow via Nab Tower, if the weather is kind enough.

Here is Kornog ready to go:

Copy of IMG_4459 - Copy

No music on my computer, which I shall have to put right next weekend. I also need to bring back the FM areal. My new stereo has DAB and FM and an aux input.


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