Brighton Marina

Arrived safely after another early start to catch the tide out of Littlehampton. Lovely sunny gentle sail to Brighton, but the wind was cold early i the day. The marina is different than I remembered – worse. It is now fully functional, although they are still still putting up a few buildings – huge, they say 1200 people live here , no Lidle but an Asda! Hard to find the berth 1363 as there are no numbers on the fingers. I used guess work and got it right, I had found 1371 and 1367, next door to each other (they were the only ones that did have numbers). Will get the windlass sorted because I will need it if I anchor in the lee of Dungeness. I like Dungeness, but maybe not so much if I am on a boat.  Will visit Brighton proper this evening and will try and get hold of Osho, but I don’t have his number and Cara is not picking up her phone. Next leg to Dover could be hard, too long for a single handed passsage and no decent harbours on the way.

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