Vibrant Brighton

No Osho today, he is working, but I met him last night and he took me to his local, “the Basketmakers Arms”.

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Just down the road from his place. Nice pub and nice area, totally different to Littlehampton, although I did see a slightly sleazier side to Brighton today when I got the #7 bus from the marina, past the hospital. Not so bad on the way into town but on the way back it was not the quaint, white, middle classes (like the houses around the pub yesterday) but white – yes.

Visited the pier on the way.

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Got a lot of my list done today whilst waiting on the electrician to come and fix (or condem) my windlass. Towards the end of the morning a new boat came in, with no idea where their mooring was, the usual shit, I assume, as it happened to me yesterday. Got them to the right place and helped with the ropes. thay said that they could do Brighton to Dover in 10 hrs, so I will relook at the charts, so I may not need to anchor off Dungeness (safe but not comfortable, so I am told). The electrician should come first thing tomorrow, let’s hope

So after doing all the stuff on my boat I went to the museum,

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which is next to the pavillion. I didn’t go into the pavillion because it was £13 and the pictures didn’t make it look worth it, lots of laid tables with silverware etc. The museum was a much more reasonable £5.30

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Lovely gardens around the pavillion and museum, stunning Holyhocks.

The museum was good, although overrun by foriegn,  I assume, language students, nice place to come, better than Littlehampton.

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In the local history section there was one picture of the mods, throwing deck chairs, and one picture of the rockers, not throwing anything but smiling for the camera

I have reset the new radio but can’t get Sam FM, I guess I can live with that.

I walked to town yesterday to meet Osho and went past the Concorde Club, which they were reburbishing. They let me use the lift though, it was a smaller version of the Greenwich tunnel lift when it had an attendant.

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Looks like a good music venue. The Zap Club was mentioned in the museum, I went there last time I was here (a weeks sailing course 30 years ago).

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