Ramsgate 24 July 2016

Managed to mangle the back of the boat getting fuel in Dover- lesson – always go stern to wind. I should have learnt my lesson as the wind took the bows again in Ramsgate and I could do nothing.

The trip to Ramsgate was nice, close inshore, not to bouncy and, eventually everything I needed in the cockpit, I have now got a check list so I won’t get caught out again, (if you don’t have your auto pilot ready to go you can’t leave the helm), foresail up with a following wind and bright sunshine. All the bouys coming up clearly and quick as the tide carried me. I must check the chart plotter log and I  note that as the usual log seemed to reset at 100 miles and was significantly wrong. The trip meter, now reset on the GPS said 185 miles , which may be correct. Will start again now

Getting into Ramsgate was a bit like a simple Dover. Call the Port Control and then onto the marina, where the engine died on me and the strong wind blew the bows into another boat, bending their pushpit, hopefully that is all the damage. Altogether a bit of a disastrous day, but you live and learn ( and pay for your mistakes, although I haven’t yet seen the owner of the boat I hit, a rather scrappy Sigma)

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I went into town to the tourist information. Ramsgate only has a nautical museum, closed on Mondays. When asked what was there else to see in Ramsgate I was told,”the architecture on the front”, and that was it, I’d seen it, so I walked North to Broadstairs, the museum there didn’t open ’till 14:00 hrs so I walked home.  It’s not far. Nice walk though, and I quite liked Broadstairs, including the lift to Viking bay. Charles Dickens seemed to have lived in every house and wrote some or all of Great Expectations, Nicholas Nickalby and Barnaby Rudge. Saw the real Bleak House, now a hotel, and numerous Old Curiosity shops and pubs of the same name.

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Another day in Ramsgate, to see the nautical museum and the museum in Broadstairs then to Queensborough in the Medway on Wednesday.

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Ramsgate might be about Greenwich +5 mins, Littlehampton was Greenwich -100yrs

The museum was very keen on showing a Dunkirk small ship “Sundowner”

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Also back to Broadstairs

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Broadstairs beach stairs ( I never used the lift)

Cramton Tower Museum was good if you like toy trains (Hornby moved to Broadstairs from liverpool) and Victorian engineering (Crampton did loads with steam trains, tunelling machines etc – ahead of his time by far) 21st Aug 2016 there is an old bus day. Well worth a visit if you like old buses and the weather is fine.

Ramsgate week saw a week long regatta, so the harbour was full, and some art on the harbour wall (the words as per the lighthouse in dayglow, covered at high tide – I failed to get a photo)

Copy of DSC_0015

“Refuge for those in trouble”

Next it was on to Queenborough on the Isle of Sheppey. Initially it was wind behind with only the foresil up (too windy for 2 sails), then head to wind and motoring along Thames Estuary – lots of sandbanks and wind farms. Then the wind eased a bit as did the point of sailing, the sun came out and I had a lovely sail with two reefs in the main and a full foresail.

Getting into the Medway was fun, the big ships channel, which I crossed was well marked but suddenly there were more buoys than you could shake a stick at and a big sunk freighter in the middle.

Copy of DSC_0017Copy of DSC_0019 Copy of DSC_0023

There is not much in Queenborough since they demolished the castle 300 years ago, even getting back to Greenwich appears to be difficult. Will get a cheap swinging mooring for 5 days and do my stuff at home.

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