Aug 2nd Queenborough to Burnham on Crouch and then Onwards to Brightlingsea

Ian Little has joined me. Originally from Glasgow I worked with him when I left university in Aberdeen for a defunct company called Amoco, since taken over by BP for whom Ian worked until retiring this year.


I have sailed previosly with Ian in my first boat “Lady Liberty” in the Canaries and we also hired boats a couple of times on the West Coast of Scotland.

We sailed from Queenborough to Burnham on Crouch, which proved to be a nice sail initially but a real pain slogging up the river to Burnham against the tide and waves and wind. Made it to the marina but failed to get into the berth alloted initially as we were blown off by the wind, so the harbour master put us on the first available finger we could get into, which was fine. They were firing, what looked like incendiary artillary on the firing range as we approached the Crouch River, at least there was a huge short lived fire-ball near the twin towers target.

IMG_4550 IMG_4557 IMG_4558 IMG_4556 IMG_4547

Nice Art Deco boat club and saw an egrit. Also saw a seal in Brightingsea. Nice houses in Burnham, looks expensive.

Had a nice meal in the White Harte Hotel and visited the museum the next day. Also saw Prior’s boat yard where Charles’s boat Blue Saluki was built in 1964.


It was very windy during our stay. I had ordered a new wind mast head instrument and picked it up from the chandlers at the marina, although I didn’t fit it, too much wind to go up the mast, although I refitted the read out instrument which gives speed but not direction. This is probably enough for now, I am in no rush to fit the mast head unit as wind speed is enough and you can tell the general wind direction from the manual arrow, so a bit of a waste of money but I will fit the unit sometime.

Not much to say about Burnham. We sailed on to Brighlingsea, which has a nice accessible pontoon, although I did fall in the river Colne, my life jacket worked but I had to pay to get it rebuilt. Morgan’s Marine did it for me, although it wasn’t much cheaper than buying a new lifejacket. They did it so badly it would never have gone up, not packed back up and the trigger broken. incompetant and very dangerous. Took it to Dansen Marine in Sidcup in th e middle of august

Colchester was nice, we went the 9 miles by bus and saw the castle from the ouside but missed the museums because I had to do my laundry and get a new phone, 5 minutes they said to activate it and I am still waiting 8 hrs later, maybe 24 woud be more like it. I am still waiting for it to be activated after 18 hrs, finally got it sorted a couple of days later.

IMG_4560 IMG_4561 IMG_4562 IMG_4563

Off to Walton Backwaters tomorrow, altough the marina does not look easy to navigate to the course is all ready. We will lave at 09:30.

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