Harwich for the Continent, Frinton for the Incontinent

Originally we had planned to go to Titchmarch Marina ( not many flowers I believe) but we were late leaving Brightlingsea, we had forgotten that we could not get out of the river at low tide, even so we managed to run aground very near the first pontoon, as did another boat, we were both towed off by the harbour master, good job he had finished getting the ferry out of the mud, so no embaressment required. The bottom line is that we missed the flood tide and the pilot book warned of very strong ebb tides, which we would get if we tried to go up the river, as much as 6 knots against us in the third hour, which is more than the boat can motor at, so a bit of a looser then. i was also abit worried about the amount of diesel we had, although as it turned out, when we filled up the ws a good 20 litres left.

Made a wise choice and went to Shotley Marina, on the Suffolk side of the River Stour opposite Old Harwich and also opposite Felixstow, the biggest container harbour in the UK and no room for Yachts.


Nice marina, although we had to enter via a lock which was OK but we had to wait our turn for

about 40 minutesIMG_4566 IMG_4569 IMG_4572Inside the marina all was calm but waiting outside was rough as hell, although the views were nice enough.

We took the ferry the next day across the River Stour to Old Harwich, which was very small but lovely, I have no idea what the ferry port Harwich is like.

IMG_4567 IMG_4582 IMG_4581    IMG_4584 IMG_4590 IMG_4589 IMG_4591

There is a listed cinema.



There are two lighthouses a short one, now a museum, and a tall one.

Trinity house have their base here thanks to Samual Pepys, who was MP for the area and head of Trinity, hence the last manned lightship LV18 is here.


Built in 1958 and decommissioned in 1994, it was used for a brief scene in “The Boat that Rocked”. Judging by the quarters, it is not a job I would have wanted. No engines on the boat but a few generators to start each other and run the light and foghorns etc. They were really off limits but the guy with the egg sandwhich showed me the Gardner generators.

There is an award winning beach in Harwich


I shall try to go up river to Wrab Ness tomorrow but also need to find somwhere to overwinter.

Filled the boat with water and diesel and bought some pasta . Also cleaned out the dinghy and did  a small bit of sanding the toe rails to even the bumps out, caused by injudicial use of the belt sander, and also to tke off the remaining varnish from last year.

Frinton is not far south of Harich but we didn’t go there ,  No harbour for a start, as far as I know.

Ian left to go home today

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