Wrabness 09 August 2016 (Up the River Stour from Hawich)

Waiting on a call from Virgin Mobile to sort some stuff out. Meanwhile it has been getting a little rocky (as in moving about) out here within the last 10 mins.

I left Shotley at around low tide (10:00hrs) The HM asked me to go to the waiting pontoon but then thought I wanted diesel The same pontoon. Just in front of me was Colne Clipper, a nice old boat whose berth I had in Brightlingsea. When he was told that I did not need diesel the HM let me straight into the lock, obviously I was much smaller than the Colne Clipper, unfortunately I was all geared up for port side too, but there was no room on that side so he swapped me to starboard and said he would help as I was by myself. Managed OK with his help (with a big boat hook) and eventually got enough fenders and warps arranged, then off, I went up river.

Turned left past the lock markers and motored gently up river in the sunshine, past the Harwich ferry terminal. I picked up a buoy at Wrabness point and am now rocking a touch more than gently, waiting for this phonecall. On the opposite bank is the Royal Hospital School, with its prominant tower, and in the picture you can see a green buoy called Lee.


Lovely bay, I will pump the dingy up after my phone call, or if it comes very late, do it tomorrow and visit the community shop and cafe, the only exciting thing in the village. Not even a pub.

Very close to shore in 6m of water so I should be safe enough depth wise. I couldn’t get on the first buoy so chose a second with ropes on, which I used to pick-up the buoy but have used my own ropes to moor. I hope that this is not a private buoy with the ropes, but my pilots say nothing about private moorings.

IMG_4602 IMG_4601 IMG_4600

Pictures of the Wrabness side of the river.

It’snow 10th August and I had a disturbed nihjt, the bouy I was on was very noisy and I had to get upand pull it comletely out of the water, easier said than done, I also had a halyard banging against the mast, which was easily fixed, then back to bed.

Up the next day and blew up my clean dinghy for a trip to Wrabness and the community shop

Lovely morning and a nice walk past All Saints Church (every village church is called “All Saints for some reason) and it’s bell tower. I met a couple of old boys walking their dogs on the “beach” who showed me where to go and said that the beach used to have two ft of sand on it, but it is all eroded away leaving mud and rocks.

IMG_4603 IMG_4609

Morning view from the boat and Kornog at anchor


Bell Tower (complete with bell, no idea if it works)

Spent 2 hrs at the Community shop reading Private Eye (18 months old) with a cup of tea, waiting for the milk to arrive. I was told a different way back by another old boy, this time past Grayson Perry’s house, along a bit of the Essex Way.

IMG_4617 IMG_4618 IMG_4621

and then home on the dinghy, which was now muddy from my feet. It rained but is sunny again and getting hot.

Booked a berth for 4 weeks in River Deben (visitor berth #27 complete with complimentary tender.

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