Deben River 12th August 2016

Tonight is the night, apparently, for viewing the meteor storm, Last night was crystal clear so it looks good.

The omens for the trip here from Wrabness were less good, the weather forecast was for strong winds and they seemed correct when I set off, Although it soon calmed down, the crossing of the shipping lane was tricky, being very busy.

IMG_4624 IMG_4623

I did get across safely but the wind was picking up and I was likely to be early at the entrance to the Deben, HW-2 being what I was aiming for.

Made it OK and up the channel, although it was a bit blowey and even got very shallow in places, too near the bank, although it didn’t look like it at the time, the river being so wide. A Hoby cat or similar was having great fun in the wind, a bit energetic and wet for me though.

Hated Waldringfield when I got here. The pilot said the beach was hard but it was full of mud when I left the pub after a very mediocre meal and one pint of Adnams (Southwold) bitter . The visitors dinghy left on the mooring had very poor rowlocks / oars which popped out when the going got tough. I stupidly decided to row and the wind and tide changed 180 degrees while I was having my mediocre dinner (pulled pork burger, which was mostly a pork and apple burger with a tiny bit of pulled pork). Found myself in the bottom of the dinghy at one point thinking that the trip to Kornog would never end. It did though and I got on board safely, although a bit damp and very muddy.

The next day changed my mind, I put the engine on the dinghy to get ashore, was lent an ordinance survey map by the boatyard, walked to Woodbridge and then on to Melton and found a place to over-winter the boat, assuming Wisbech in the Wash can’t do it, The Larkman yard would be my choice if I can get there, about half the price or less than Lowestoft.

Nice walk, but about 12 miles, so I am knackered. Michael will pick me up tomorrow and I will leave the boat in the capable, hopefully, hands of Mark until I return after a holiday in Cuba.

Then Michel may come with me to put the boat to bed for the winter. I still need to phone Wisbech to see if they can take Kornog, which would be better as it is slightly further North, although the Larkman yard looked nice and the guy in charge, Fred , was very helpful.

IMG_4627 IMG_4629 IMG_4630 IMG_4639 IMG_4641

Pictures showing early morning at Waldringfield and the walk up to Woodbridge (low tide), plus, a little bonus here, evening back at Waldringfield.

Looks like the engine may be leaking diesel. I found about 200 ml of diesel in the sump below the engine. It looks like it may be coming from the fuel bleed screws above the fuel filter, the ones Richard kindly bled the fuel with, many moons ago, in Hayling Yacht Co. Both screws were tight so I’m not sure what I can do, just keep an eye on it, if the engine has been running for over 40 hrs it is not so bad,but I shall get it looked at over the winter, just another reason why the Deben River pissed me off last night.

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