Monthly Archives: September 2016

Waldringfield to Cuba then back to Waldrinfield and on to Melton

Left Kornog in Waldringfield and went on a family holiday to Cuba, they seem to love Castro and Che, cycling in the heat and humidity, I enjoyed it more in retrospect, but Cuba is amazing, very Latin American, not at all Carribean.

A week or so at home waiting for Neaps to pass, the earliest I could get into Melton (great sausage rolls from the butchers at Melton station) was the 15th September. Patrick came with me and we had a good time for a day. We spent a fair amount of time in the Maybush Arms. I have no picture, stupidly, of the dingy near the pub.  the toilet in the boat won’t pump in water, so that needs fixing. Patrick and I took out the reefing lines and, as per last year, lost one mousing line as we were threading it into the boom, will have to sort out the reefing next year, we also took the sails down and put them, very untidily, into the bags, they will be valeted and stored for us.

Patrick and I took the dinghy up river to Melton to scout out the route to Larkman’s yard where Fred was due to pull us out the next day. Good job we did as the route is difficult to follow and we ended up with less than 1ft of water below the keel at the yard the next day. We also managed to go aground in the dinghy.


Here is Kornog being lifted. The “weed”, I was told by Mark in Waldringfield, is, in fact, a type of shrimp that has infested the river Deben this year and has probably caused the intake blockage for the toilet. I scrubbed around the engine intake with a broom before starting the engine and had no cooling issues on the way up river.

Patrick and I then stripped the boat of everything that could be moved (we had got a taxi back to Waldringfield to pick up the car and say goodbye to Mark) and brought it all home in the car.

A very short season but very eventfull. Next season will be longer legs I think and I will need help. No news from the boat I hit in Ramsgate, except for an initial phone call, I have no idea how that will pan out.