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I bought Kornog in December 2012. She was surveyed and is considered “Marginal”.  That is, in a marginal state, below an acceptable standard and requiring work.  She was tired and a bit sad in a lot of areas but overall you could see the potential. I do not expect to see her sailing until 2014.

General LayoutKornog is a Waquiez Centurion 32. She was made in France, sometime after 1973, when the first Centurion 32 was made, she ended up in Southern Ireland where, about 5 years ago, she had a new mast, a new Yanmar 30 HP sail drive engine and had the topsides painted, before finding her way to Dickies yard in Port Penryth, Bangor North Wales


coach roof through fittings

The first bit of paperwork I have shows her to have been imported into Ireland in 1992 to Cladaghduff by a Frenchman (Jean Le Dorvon?) who was working for / or owned a seafood company there. Kornog was sold in 1997 to an Irishman in Co Gallway. She had a 17 HP engine according to the paperwork and would have had an offset prop.

In October 2011 she was sold again to the last owner before me, moving then to Dublin, where she appeared to have been raced in a stripped out condition under the name Wintermoon, with the sail number IRL 853.

Kornog was moved to North Wales to be sold and it looks like a fair bit of useless equipment was put in her to make her look better equipped than she was (for example the fridge looked good but was not wired up).

Kornog needs some TLC to get her sailing again.

KORNOG – I thought of changing the name but it was so hard finding a new one that I have decided to keep it.  Names based on sexual innuendo or Lord of the Rings characters do not float my boat.  Kornog means “West” or “West Wind” in Breton, it is also a make of Breton whiskey and a Breton Folk Rock band. I have tried neither the whiskey nor the band.

The blog, to start with, will be about getting Kornog floating again.

I am trying, unsuccessfully it has to be said, to find out some history of the boat.  There is no hull number to be found. For other Centurions there is an interesting site www.centurion32.com

The spinnaker has the sail number F4492 on it and has the following written on it (presumably by the maker):-

SL 11.50

SMW 6.92

le 28.5.76

M. Pelliat



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