The Centurion 32

The Centurion 32 was built by Henri Waquiez in Northern France to a design by Holman and Pye, or at least Kim Holman. The boat builder was founded in 1964 by Henri Waquiez in the provincial town of Neuville en Ferrain near the Belgian border. The yard was bought by Olivier Prouvost in 1988 and was later sold to Beneteau in 2007

Centurion 32 Characteristics

Length overall  9,75m
Waterline length  7,45m
Maximum Beam  2,96m
Waterline Beam  2,60m
Forward freeboard  1,13m
Middle Freeboard  0,85m
Draft  1,86m
Height above SWL  12,80m
Loaded displacement  5.150 kg
Working weight  4.650 kg
Keel weight  1.980 kg
Keel material  lead
Head room  1,80m
Width between berths  0,48m
Gangway width  0,50m
 Jauge en douane (tonneaux)  7,43
 I.O.R. Rating  6m90 (22’8″)
 Surface du triangle AV (1)  22,9 m2
 Area of Genoa (2)  34,5 m2
 Area of No 1. jib  12,5 m2
Area of Main (3)  18,3 m2
 Max Sail Area (2+3) (V)  52,8 m2
Sail area for Rating (1+3) (v)  41,2 m2
Surface du maître couple immergé en charge (B)  1,41 m2
Surface de dérive :
Hull surface area  3,82 m2
Aileron (skeg?)  2,30 m2
Aileron AR (trim tab?)  0,47 m2
Rudder  0,45 m2
Total Wetted area  7,04 m2
 Surface mouillée totale (M)  22,06 m2
 Position du centre de dérive et du centre de carène  CD 6,00
 par rapport au milieu de la flottaison (en % de L)  CC 3,70
 Ecart entre CV et CD en % de L  21,70
 Aptitude à naviguer par petit temps (V/M)  2,38
 Vitesse moyenne (V/B)  29,2
 Vitesse limite (coéficient prismatique) (D/BxL)  0,505
 Raideur à la toile 15°  4,04
 Raideur à la toile 30°  8,63

The above table was translated from the French. If you can help with those items I could not translate then please let me know.







This last picture is, I think, Kornog being sailed into Port Penryth  in Bangor

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